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Development Program

The general development strategy of MCC Overseas

Be prepared, Stability and change, Sail the ocean, Long-time prosperity

MCC overseas overall strategic goal:

According to the MCC’s strategic goals, we strive to make MCC overseas an “international level engineering management and service company” according to the international operation standard with "four beams eight columns" as pillar industries. In the aspect of industrial layout, MCCO gradually formed a primary business sector of “metallurgical engineering, mine construction development, high-end housing construction, mid- and high-end real estate, municipal traffic infrastructure, core technology equipment and MCC's structural steel, environmental engineering and new energy ", supplement with foreign trading services, and other strategic emerging industries services as global industry layout, hence, gradually achieve the transformation from "EPC project general contracting" to "international level EPC project engineering managing and service providing", in regional layout, we achieved a leaping and bounding linkage development in the traditional markets including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Turkey, Guam and other Africa,at the same time we achieved a market development major breakthrough in domestic market and other regions such as Africa, Russia, Central Asia, United States and Macao.

We do our best efforts to achieve "International level project management and service company", make MCC Overseas to be the MCC’s leader in expanding the international market and hence become an "International level project management and service company".

MCC overseas strategic positioning:

International level project management and service company.