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Kuala Lumpur Sunway VELO 3R1 &3R2 Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The construction includes two 31-floor apartments , which height is 115.789 meters and area is 120,000 square meters. The project started on September ,2014 and lasted 31 months.......

Johor Baru Iskandar Hotel and Seviced Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The construction includes a 35-floor hotel and serviced apartment, which totally has 583 rooms, two 27-floor hotels which totally have 322 rooms and 3-floor Commercial building that has 188 stores. The construction will start on December, 2015 and will last 32 months.......

Kuala Lumpur Manjiale first-phase Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The first phase of the project is the continuing construction of a 32-floor apartment. The floor area of each floor is about 1300 square meters . The construction mainly includes the top structure and decoration engineering of the parking lot, the more than 28- layer str......

Cambodia Phnom Penh Bali Bank third-phase top-grade Apartment C ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The project’s owner is Taiwan Double-city Construction Company which is one of the largest foreign-capital real estate developers in Phnom Penh. The company has successfully developed Phnom Penh Barry bank project, Bali resort hotel, etc. The third phase of the Barry ban......

5800m³ Blast Furnace of Jiangsu Shagang Group, ChinaPost date: 2015-10-12View:9

5800m³ Blast Furnace of Jiangsu Shagang Group located in Zhangjiagang City (Jiangsu Province) is the world largest effective volume iron making system . The project went into production in 2009. MCC undertook engineering design and construction of the project.......

2x7.63m Coke Oven with 70 Holes in Shougang Jingtang, ChinaPost date: 2015-10-12View:13

2x70 Batteries 7.63m Coke Oven in Shougang Jingtang located in Caofeidian Industry Zone (Tangshan, Hebei Province) went into production in 2007. The height of Coke Oven is 7.63m and designed Capacity is 1,050,000t/a. MCC undertook the EPC contract of the project.......