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Kuala Lumpur W HOTEL projectPost date: 2016-02-22View:16

Kuala Lumpur W hotel project rendering W Hotel project is the most important one in all the projects of the MCC OVERSEAS (M) SDN. BHD. The project is in downtown Kuala Lumpur, which is only 300 meters away from the Kuala Lumpur twin towers. The above-ground ......

Terengganu HaiHe Bridge ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The bridge connects the capital of Terengganu state and an important a river ,which has a dual function of highway traffic and water navigation. And it is about 1 km away from the estuary. The four-lane bridge is 632 miles in length and the main span is 489 meters long, ......

Kuala Lumpur Manjiale second-phase Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The second phase of the project includes a 38-floor apartment with floor area of 57,000 square meters. The project started on August, 2014 and lasted for 36 months.......

Selangor Tropicana Apartment and Block A、Block B of Office Building ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The construction includes an apartment which is 40-floor high and an 18-floor office building. The floor area is 118,000 square meters. Tropicana high-rise apartment project won the gold award of 10th MOSHAPA OSH EXCLLENCE AWARDS.......

Johor Baru Country Garden Golden Bay 3D and 3F Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The construction includes a 15-floor F1 apartment, a 19-floor F2 apartment , a 21-floor F3 apartment , a 28-floor D1 apartment , a 30-floor D2 apartment. The floor area is 150,000 square meters. It started on September 1th, 2014 and lasted for 29 months.......

Johor Baru Paragon Apartment ProjectPost date: 2016-01-11View:0

The construction includes two 33-flour apartments, which flour area is 90,000 square meters . The project is located on the main pass between Malaysia and Singapore .The project started on April 1th, 2014 and lasted for 30 months.......