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MCCO Signs the Contract CISUMDAWU Toll Road in Indonesia

view:399   Date: 2015-09-16

On September 15th, MCC OVERSEAS on behalf of MCC, wins CISUMDAWU Toll Road project in Jakarta, Indonesia with Public works and Housing Ministry of Republich of Indonesia. MR. BASOEKI HADIMOELJONO, Minister of Public works and Housing Ministry of the Republich of Indonesia, Wang Liping, Economic and Commercial Minister and Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, and Zou Weimin, Chairman of MCC OVERSEAS attend the Signing Ceremony.

The Road is as long as 12kilometers, bi-directional and four-lane, including a 480-meter one-way road tunnel with double holes which would be the first highway road tunnel in the country. The project will be constructed by MCCO and local partners, who combined as consortium for three years.

The project is the manifestation of implementation of "One Belt and One Road", and The Export-Import Bank of China will offer preferential loan. The road will link through the whole northeast Bandung, and advance further the transportation network in the surounding region so as to promote the economic development of the area.

MR. HEDIYANTO, the Director of the Highway Bureau of Public Works and Housing Ministry, the principles of local partners, Huai Lianguo, Authorized Representative of MCC OVERSEAS( Indonesia ), Zhu Yangang, deputy Manager of the 2nd Marketing Department and Yin Guofu from MCC OVERSEAS( Indonesia ) project dividion attend the above activity.

On the afternoon of September 15th, Chairman Zou visits MR SYARIF BURHANUDDIN, the Director of Housing bureau of Public Works and Housing Ministry on talking about the development policy and follow-up cooperation of Indo government affordable housing.

Chairman Zou pays a visit to Tan Shufu, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of Mission of the People's Republic of China to ASEAN, exchanging ideas and opinions on capacity cooperation and connection. Chairman Zou also calls on in a profound way Ji Huiqi, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and other local celebrated entrepreneaurs on topics of respected project cooperation.